No Stone Left Unturned


Your industry is all about people, talented people. So is ours.


The stark truth is that talented people are so immersed in what they love doing they don’t always have time to seek out new career opportunities, which is where we come in:


coffeshop from top


  • We are innovative, exceptionally fast, flexible and are proud of the quality we deliver.
  • We are decisive and our Top Ten Talent thorough selection process guarantees only the best talent is presented to clients.
  • We are incisive delivering only top talent with the right culture fit for your business.
  • We are instinctive whether you need an outstanding leader, key personnel or entire teams, we find them.
  • We are unique and offer recruitment with a twist: we incorporate an abundance of industry experience with a high-speed quality search approach.
  • We are experienced and have a particular focus on Tech and Sales searches with a huge pool of active candidates.
  • We are multilingual our team works across different sectors and territories.
  • We are resourceful and use several methods to recruit the best talent: from social networking to direct headhunting – we actively source and directly approach the candidates we want.
  • We are hunters, we do not wait for talent to come to us, we seek out the best talent and succeed in encouraging them to consider the opportunities we present.
  • WE DELIVER: Reliability, quality, speed and flexibility is what we stand for.



  • We are flexible- scale up, scale down on demand - add or reduce team size as required and offer the flexibility of short term contract or on-going service.
  • We are accountable and increase revenues by delivering a higher percentage of Top 10 performers and reducing CPH to minimize mis-hires - for increased contribution to you business.
  • We are adaptable in our search from high-end graduates to senior achievers in management and we have a wealth of expertise in placing across varying levels of experience.
  • We are nimble and can re-shape our search to new and changing requirements.
  • We are knowledgeable and advise on matters such as remuneration levels, career incentives and market competition.

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